Humidity Dome 11 Inch

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11 Inch Humidity Dome

Perfect for reducing the stress caused by transplanting cuttings/clones or seedlings these humidity domes are suitable for 11' pots.

Humidity Domes are an essential piece of equipment for the transplant of cuttings or seedlings. Transplanting is a stressful procedure for your plants and as they are placed into a new growing medium with little to no root zone it is very likely they will dry out and lose turgidity without proper care and humidity control.

By using a Humidity Dome on your pot you can ensure your plants don't dry out due to the sudden change in environment.

High humidity aids the plant by keeping the stomata on the leaves closed preventing your plants from transpiring the essential water stored inside them until a new root zone is formed for the plant  to intake fresh water and vitamins from it's new growing medium.

Using a Humidity Dome leads to a faster rooting, healthier, better yielding plant!

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