X-Stream Heated Propagator Kit

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X-Stream Heated Propagation Kit including Digital Thermostat, Propagator Base and X-Stream Lid

The X-Stream Heated Propagator Kit is ideal for maintaining a perfect, stable environment for your seeds/cuttings.

The X-Steam Heated Propagator is a great piece of kit for growers looking to bring young plants on. The idea behind the X-Stream is to allow total control over your environment as you raise your seeds or cuttings. Using the thermostat and humidity lid provided it is possible to accurately maintain both the temperature and humidity in your propagator. The X-Stream has also been designed to provide an incredibly even heat dispersion, no hot or cold spots… just the temperature you desire across the whole propagator.

  • Complete Control
  • Maintain temperatures accurately
  • Even heat dispersion
  • No hot/cold spots
  • Humidity Dispersal

Kit includes: 

  • Heated propagation tray/base
  • X-Stream propagation lid - multiple vents to allow humidity dispersion throughout the propagator
  • Digital thermostat - ranges from 5 – 30 degrees and displays both the actual temperature and the temperature you have programmed.

The X-Stream Heated Propagator will also fit up to 3 trays of Grodan SBS cubes! Which means 450 1” cubes or 231 1.5” cubes.

Base Size (cm)        110 x 58 x 5
Lid Size (cm) 107 x 57 x 22 
seeds/cuttings upto 450
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