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Vitalink Chill 1ltr

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Vitalink Chill 1ltr

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As summer sets in it is common for indoor grow rooms to suffer from excessive heat.

When plants are subjected to higher temperatures growth rates can be drastically affected. Plants will naturally close their stomata in an attempt to conserve water through transpiration. This slows down the exchange rate of carbon dioxide and oxygen which slows down growth and development.

The blend of natural plant hormones and micronutrients within Vitalink Chill pushes your plants to keep their stomata open and carry on processing water and nutrients as optimally as possible. Vitalink Chill has been thoroughly tested in glasshouses in the middle east where temperatures are regularly in excess of 30 degrees Celsius. Vitalink

Chill is extremely cost effective and highly concentrated (0.3-0.5ml per litre) making it an essential product in the hot summer months.  


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For optimum results start using VitaLink Chill before a warm period (this can be several weeks in advance) alongside your main nutrients. Use 3-5 ml/10 L, always add to fresh solution.

VitaLink Chill has a cumulative effect, when used regularly your plants will build up a tolerance to the influence of high temperatures.

When a sudden temperature increase occurs, VitaLink Chill can be used as a foliar spray for quick protection. Spray at a concentration of e5 ml/L as a fine mist, do not spray to run off. This will not be as effective as regularly preventative usage but it can help you to salvage your crops.

DO NOT use with VitaLink Heat. If used with VitaLink Hydrate use half the dose rate of each, failure to follow this instruction may result in plant damage.

If needed, adjust the pH. The recommended pH range is 5.8-6.5. Always shake well before use.

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