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Vegigator Complete Systems

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Vegigator Complete Systems

Availability: In stock

Price: £210.60
Price: £210.60
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The Vegigator is a multi-pot flood and drain system designed to grow rooted cuttings or seedlings up to be transferred into larger systems.


Water/nutrient solution is pumped from the reservoir to the tray directly above. As the tray fills, stale air is pushed out of the root system and the roots are saturated meaning they have an optimum amount of water to take up. Then the water/nutrient solution drains away, pulling fresh air into the root system supplying the roots with a fresh batch of oxygen. Increase or decrease the flood height by increasing or decreasing the time in which your timer is on. All systems are designed to fit a 1.2m2 tent but are available in 6, 12 and 24 pot designs.Use the 24 pot to rear rooted clones to either transfer to two 12 pot systems or transfer them to a larger system (e.g. IWS) to be put straight on to flower in a sea of green set up. There are a huge number of options with these systems meaning you can create a perpetual grow that will produce a harvest once a month, once a week or even once a day…if you have enough space! Become a successful commercial grower today with the vegigator flood and drain system.

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