Vacuum Chambers

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Aluminium Chamber (no handles) Includes perspex lid, hose, pressure gauge and instructions


Size Dimensions (mm)
3 litre 200 x 100
5 litre 225 x 120
8 litre 250 x 140
11 litre 275 x 150
15 litre 300 x 200
20 litre 350 x 200
36 litre 400 x 265
50 litre     460 x 300

High-quality Aluminium Chamber spun from various thicknesses of aluminium sheet, meaning that there is no welding involved in their manufacture.

The Chamber Lid is manufactured from varying sizes of thick crystal clear acrylic and features an Isolated Vacuum Gauge along with two 1/8" BSP Ball Valves - one is used to connect the chamber to the vacuum pump and the second is used to evacuate the vacuum after degassing.

  • Heavy duty seal.
  • Fully Assembled Vacuum Chamber with a separate pipe which is easily connected and will safely heat up to 150°F.
  • Clear lid - Safe to use and makes contents visible.
  • Ball Valve to Release Vacuum.
  • Disposable moisture trap valve

Pumps and extra parts also available.

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