Uvonair UV-80H

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The Uvonair UV-80H In-Duct Ozone Model is an economical system that produces ozone using special ultraviolet light bulbs.

The Uvonair Ozone Generators are the perfect product to ensure that no unwanted odours leave your grow area.

Unpleasant odours can be considered to be a nuisance to many people so having full control over the scent of your exhaust air will ensure that your neighbours remain happy and have no complaints about your indoor garden.  

The UV-80H is designed to be used with 8 inch ducting and creates O3 (ozone) through the ultraviolet light bulbs within the unit. These bulbs create the unstable oxygen molecule O3 that wants to discard its extra oxygen. This extra oxygen attaches itself to aromatic hydrocarbons that are responsible for the smell created by plants and makes them into carbon based molecules that no longer be detected by olfactory senses. To ensure that the O3 has reacted with the offensive scent molecules it is advised to use ducting with a minimum length of 5 meters after the ozone generator. This ensures that the O3 and air from your ventilation system are properly mixed before it is ejected from the end of your ducting into the outer world.    

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