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Having a sterile water source is crucial when using hydroponics.


When water borne bacteria or other pathogens and parasites are present within your water supply, problems can occur. Detrimental bacteria or oomycetes such as pythium can attack roots which can quickly result in root rot leading to decreased uptake of water and nutrients and in severe cases it can cause wilting and death. Using a UVC Water Sterilizer kills all biological organisms within your water giving your plants the sterile water they need for a healthy life free from detrimental bacteria, pathogens and parasites. The UVC Sterilizer works by firing UVC light into the water which destroys the bacteria’s nucleic acids leaving them unable to reproduce or perform vital cellular function they need to stay alive. One problem with taking water directly from a residential or commercial water supply is the chlorine content. Chlorine is added to our drinking water to kill bacteria and pathogens and to prevent re-infection. When growing plants in a hydroponic system beneficial bacteria and fungi should be added to the water to help promote root growth and protect existing roots. Adding these to chlorinated water will kill most of the bacteria and fungus in these products which decreases their effectiveness.

Water can be left for 24-48 hours to let the chlorine evaporate but using the UVC Sterilizer instantly de-chlorinates the water as it passes through the unit and is exposed to the UVC light.

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