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Trojan Gold TG2412 GreenSpirit Starter Tent Kit

Availability: In stock

Trojan Gold TG2412 GreenSpirit Starter Tent Kit

Availability: In stock

Price: £499.99
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GreenSpirit Trojan Gold TG2412 240 x 120 x 200cm Starter Tent Kit

The Greenspirit Trojan Gold TG2412 240 x 120 x 200cm starter kit is an immensely practical and affordable tent kit for beginners and experts alike. This tent contains all the bare essentials you need for a great environment for your plants.

The Trojan Gold TG2412 240 x 120 x 200cm is an amazing quality tent, made with top 600*300D oxford material which ensures tough and near tear proof quality, enough to withstand most ware and tare that a grow tent is subjected to.  The reflective insides of the tent is of an incredibly high quality mylar and will almost guarantee that no light is wasted.

Each tent is crafted meticulously to make sure there are no light leaks and the quality is of the highest standard. The poles of these tents are scaled upwards to suit the size of the tent and the amount of equipment that will be hung – such as filtration and lighting.

This tent has enough room for between 8 – 10 (or more!) plants to grow to their full potential to help you to achieve a quality and high yielding crop.

The  8” hybrid extraction fan comes with two flow speeds, to allow for better control over your environment during warm and colder periods.

Rhino Hobby filters are new filters from Rhino who have been making carbon filters for several years and have been an industry standard for just as long. The Rhino hobby filters aim to bring the effectiveness and reliability of the Rhino Pro filters but for hobby prices – and with a reversible neck for better use of the carbon inside, these filters truly are a hobby growers best friend.

This tent kit also comes complete with 2 eurolux lighting kits to illumine your grow room – these lighting kits are a great introductory lighting system that outputs a true 600W, meaning your plants will get the best possible light available to them.

This tent contains:

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