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Hydor Theo Water Heaters

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Hydor Theo Water Heaters

Availability: In stock

Price: £25.96
Price: £25.96
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These aquarium heaters from Hydor are perfect for maintaining the temperature of your nutrient solution and incredibly hardly. No need to worry about equipment failure!

Keeping the temperature of your nutrient solution stable and within normal limit is very important when growing. If your water is too cold then growth will be inhibited and if it is too warm your root zone becomes susceptible to disease and infection.

These water heaters are also incredibly durable, unlike other competitive water heaters which would shatter if not completely submerged in water these Theo heaters are resistant to thermal shock. This is thanks to the PTC heating element, PTC is unique in that current will stop flowing once the material reaches a certain temperature which means no more cracks and no more electric shocks from unwittingly refilling your tank after your heater has broken!

The optimum root zone temperature is within the 18 – 22 degrees Celsius range, the best way to monitor your temperature is with a min/max thermometer such as the Ventilution Digital Min/Max Thermometer with Probe.

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