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Terpinez, the essential oil intensifier


Terpenez has been specifically formulated with organic botanical extracts and is designed to assist the plant with processes associated with oil and resin production.

We recommend applying terpinez during the flush period to aid in the removal of residual nutrient salts and enhance the scent of the plant but it can also be applied throughout the flowering cycle at a diluted rate for an enhanced crop.

Overall, it is an organic terpene enhancer. Terpinez boosts terpenoid profiles & increases overall aromatic effect. 

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Directions for use (be sure to shake thoroughly before mixing and applying):

Continuous Model: 5 - 10 ml per gallon throughout the flowering/fruiting cycle.

Ideal pH Range: 5.8 - 6.4 Flush Model: 5 - 15 ml per gallon during flush. Ideal pH Range: 5.6 - 6.2

Compatible with any nutrient program or ffertiliser products No animal by products, chemicals or strong odors. No harmful chemical run-off or heavy metals. Terpenez can be used up to the day of harvest and is encouraged for maximum results. Terpenez is more effective when used in conjunction with a strong beneficial bacteria program as they will make the compounds more bioavailable. Additional Product Information It is important to understand how Terpenez works vs leading competitor products currently on the market. Competitor products in this class work by augmenting (adding) raw materials to the front end of the gibberellic cycle in hopes to increase overall resin production. These products may be designed to stress the plant at the molecular level in an attempt to induce a stronger senescence (flowering) response. If a plant thinks it's dying or under attack it will often produce compounds including resin in response. In our professional opinion, this method is flawed as it would not be yield savvy to molecularly attack your plant during the bulking phase in hopes of greater resin production. Terpenez, alternatively, uses bio-identical, organic, steam distilled plant extracts that the target plant identifies as its own. No undue stress, no heavy metals, no salts, just extracts and an organic wetting agent.

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