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Green Planet Terpinator improves the scent and taste of your flowers or fruits.

Green Planet Terpinator is a unique and revolutionary product created to maximise the production of terpenes and oils within your plant.

Terpenes are the molecules responsible for the scent and taste of your flowers or fruits. The ingredients of terpinator act as precursors to terpenes thereforeyour plant has all the components to create terpenes in abundance with minimal energy expenditure.

Many plants contain terpenes that create a wide range of interesting scents that have been thought to affect our physiology through odour activation (aromatherapy). Researchers have been aware for many years that odour chemistry has the power to change our moods. Many people describe the feeling of “sunny happiness” when smelling a terpene called limonene (lemon scent), the same as many people find the scent of mint oils to be very relaxing when consumed in a tea. Terpenes have also been known for a long time for their antimicrobial/antibacterial properties capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease causing microbes.

Terpinator not only helps to increase the production of terpenes during the plants life, but it also helps to protect and prolong the fragrances of your dried flowers or fruits. Terpinator will not create new terpenes within your plant, it will only increase the concentrations of existing terpenes.

So if you want more stink and stick in your flowers, terpinator is the product for you!

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