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Essential For DIY Systems 200 meter roll's

Supply tubing is always a necessity when building or adding to a DIY hydroponic growing system.

Our supply tubing is manufactured with high quality, UV resistant black plastic, meaning that light cannot penetrate your tubing and subsequently cant cause algae-based blockages. This tubing is perfect for use in any indoor or outdoor applications and connects to any fittings you may need to design and create a DIY dripper grow system.

Supply tubing comes in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm diameters, however, it is possible to use a reducer such as a Barbed Reducer if you wish to reduce to a 20mm pump to fit easily with all your other 16mm fittings.

Please note: We recommend using Barbed Elbows and Barbed Tees to make 90-degree bends in your piping, it is may possible to bend the pipe enough to accommodate such an angle but it can result in problems with the flow of your solution.

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