Nutrient Sale at Green Spirit Hydroponics

Nutrients Sale For Hydroponic Gardening

Here at Green Spirit we always offer the best brands at low prices, and we now have various growing supplies on sale.

Judging the level of nutrients by the amount of nutrient solution in the reservoir of a hydroponic garden can be very inaccurate because plants absorb the various nutrients that they need and the water that they use at different rates.

This means that a full reservoir could actually be detrimental to the growth of the plants because it has been depleted of some or all of the vital nutrients and additives. In a similar manner, a reservoir that is low might contain high concentrations of some nutrients and actually be toxic to the plants. Depending on the type of plants, different growing additives will need to be replenished more often.

Testing the level of nutrients and plant additives at scheduled intervals and adding VitaLink nutrients or other brands of hydroponic additives to the solution when necessary will keep the nutrients in the solution at the proper level for maximum plant growth.