Stewart Essential Electric Heated Propagator

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Stewart Essential Electric Heated Propagator - Available in Medium and Large

Stewart's Essential electric propagators make growing your plants from seeds or cuttings easier than ever before. The system is simple and easy-to-use, giving your young plants the protection, warmth and light that they need to go on to grow to their full potential. 

Essential Heated Propagator Features

  • Available in Medium (38 x 24.5 x 19.5cm) and Large (52 x 42.5 x 28cm)
  • Clear cover for maximum visibility with adjustable ventilation
  • Control your heater with an easy On/Off switch
  • Provides excellent temperature control

The easiest way to create a high humidity environment is to use a humidity dome or propagator. This traps in moisture and prevents the cuttings from losing moisture to the air. The Garland Heated Propagators come with a heated bottom tray and an adjustable vent at the top of the lid to aid in hardening off the clones once they have been in the propagator for a while. This promotes quicker root growth and minimises stress caused by sudden swings in environmental conditions. Using a heated bottom tray prevents the clones from being subjected to colder temperatures and will aid in quicker rooting times. The Heated Propagator is perfectly suited to hold a full tray of 24 root riot plugs or any other tray of the same size. 

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