IWS Standard Flood and Drain Flexi Tank system

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Available with 3 different pot options at no extra cost... Punched Hole Pots 10ltr capacity - be used with any growing medium but slower to flood and drain with low aeration capabilities. Aqua Pots 7ltr capacity - use with growing medium of a larger structure at around 8-16mm, clay pebbles or Diahydro, quick to Flood and Drain and have great aeration capabilities. Culture Pots 7ltr capacity - designed to work with fine growing mediums Coco, Soil Rockwool etc. quicker to flood and Drain and have greater aeration capabilities than Punched Hole Pots.




Each kit contains your FREE trial of Ecothrive Charge. Charge Trial size is dependent upon kit size, see below:

6 pot 1 litre 5.95
12 pot 2 litre 11.90
24 pot 2 litre 11.90
36 pot 5 litre 19.95
48 pot 7 litre 31.85

Ideal for the hobby grower looking to expand or for the professional looking for an advanced IWS system, a flood and drain is always the right choice!

The Flexi Tank is incredibly adaptable and can fit into smaller or awkward grow spaces easily. When empty,  the flex tank is small and discreet. It also features a measurement gauge on the side so you can accurately fill it with ease. 

Intelligent Watering Systems manufacture the best hydroponic flood and drain watering systems available on the market today. These IWS systems were built with the intention of being cost effective and easy to use, making them perfect for both the novice and the experienced hydroponic gardener.

Flood and drain systems are a very effective method of growing hydroponically, they're easy to maintain and free up a lot of your time that you would spend hand feeding your plants or preparing a solution. The IWS Flood and Drain system uses gravity to send your nutrient solution to your plants and only uses a pump to flood and drain the brain pot making it very easy on your electricity costs. The brain pot has two high-quality magnetic float valves to control the flood level in your growing medium and ensure your plants don't drown or dehydrate.

This Flood and Drain system from IWS takes the hassle out of feeding your plants, thanks to the dual timer control system your flood and drain system really doesn't have to take up much of your time. If you've never used a flood and drain system before then the IWS Flood and Drain System is a fantastic place to start and if you're a professional grower you know how good these systems are! 

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