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SolisTek 600W HPS Lamp

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SolisTek 600W HPS Lamp

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The new range of bulbs from solistek is a full collection of horticultural lamps designed to give the correct spectrum of light for the three main stages of growth; vegetative growth, flowering, and late flowering.

All of the Solistek bulbs are made with low iron glass which allows more UVa and UVb light to reach your plants for greater growth rates and yields. This extra UV light creates a broader spectrum that is more comparable to sunlight than other metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs.  

The Solistek high pressure sodium bulb is ideal for flowering stages of growth but can also be used during vegetative growth. Using a Solistek 6k metal halide will create growth with much shorther internodal spacing. Some varieties of plants naturally have a compact structure so the use of a high pressure sodium would help to create a more spaced out structure, allowing more light to penitrate to the lower areas of the plant.

Solis Tek bulbs are intended for use with the Solis Tek Matrix ballast and will perform best in this combination due to the Matrix ballast’s high frequency output. Although, the extra UV light will still be emitted when the Solis Tek bulbs are used in conjunction with other digital ballasts. 

Exercise caution when working around Solistek HID lighting; always wear protective lenses that shield from UV light.

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