Solacure Flower Power Lamps and Fixtures

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Solacure Flower Power Lamps and Fixtures 

Solacure are World Leaders in Horticultural UVB Light Production 

Increase production of unique plant compounds frmo between 20%-35%, with many growers reporting increases of 35%+. Our patented technology makes this possible through the stimulation of the UVR8 protein, which is triggered by UBV radiation at 288nm. This, in turn, stimulates plants to produce more compounds to protect themselves from the increased UVB.

How Do Solacure Lamps Work?

UVR8 is a protein which is produced by some types of plants in defence against UVB light. It is stimulated by UVB light at 288nm. 

UVB light (within the range of 280-320nm) is normally received from the sun. When a plant detects UVB at 288nm, it produces the UVR8 protein. This protein acts as a chemical messenger which, in turn, signals to the plant to secrete more oils and resins to help protect itself from the UVB rays. 

By adding supplementary UVB light into an indoor growing environment, growers can artifically stimulate this response and benefit significantly. 

Triggering the UVR8 protein during the flowering season will make the plants shift resources from growth to protection. This means they will grow less tall and instead produce significantly more oils and resins. 

Only Solacure Lamps Have The UVR8 Effect

Virtually no lamps produce UBV in the 280-320nm range due, in part, to the limitations of the glass. Solacure lamps are the sole exception as they use a type of glass designed specifically for transparency across the entire UVB spectrum. 

This patented glass technology, combined with our unique blend of phosphors and high output, is what makes Solacure lamps the most effective producers of UVA and UVB light, and the only lamps capable of triggering the full UVR8 effect. 

How to Set Up The Solacure System

Solacure recommend running two Flower Power lamps for every 600w to 1000w HID light source, or equivalent. Our plug and play system makes linking multiple fixtures together easy. Simply link together the required number of fixtures then connect the primary fixture to the mains wall socket. A maximum of 8 fixtures can be linked from a single power supply. Fixtuers can be easily be suspended using the integral hangers. Full component list is on the next page. 



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