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Gold Star 6" Air Cooled Digilight Kit

Availability: In stock

Gold Star 6" Air Cooled Digilight Kit

Availability: In stock

Price: £146.66
Price: £146.66
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The Gold star air cooled reflector is a great piece of kit for any grow room that is suffering from heat issues.


Simply hook up, for example, a 6 inch RVK fan to your lights and the hot air is removed from around the bulb and out of your grow room, allowing for much easier management of temperatures.

air cooled light

The air-cooled Gold Star reflector boasts an even light distribution, bringing a near end to pyramid growth within your grow room, leaving your canopy even meaning no more plants being neglected of light.

Hot weather + Grow Room = Unimaginable heat!

There is hardly anything worse than a grow room that is too warm. Introducing the Gold Star air cooled reflector. When hooked up to a fan, the heat that your bulb emits will be blown out of the grow room effectively cooling down your room.
This is an unparalleled advantage to indoor growing during the summer months. These reflectors also boast brilliant reflectivity and help towards gaining an even canopy in your grow room, as some other leading reflectors don’t necessarily help towards an even canopy, leaving some plants taller than others which can dwarf smaller plants leaving them with little to no light.
The digilight is a brilliant, cool running, digital ballast from Maxibright. These ballasts come with a genuine 600W guarantee, meaning that these ballasts will effectively output a true 600W of light into your grow room, helping you get the most from your light and your plants.
These ballasts are RF shielded meaning they won’t interrupt or cause damage to anything else in your house, they also run unbelievably cool - never really gaining any significant heat to them, on top of them having an amazing running life and a 3 year guarantee these are some of the best digital ballasts on the market today.

These Ballasts come in 400W and 600W varieties, please select which you require. 
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