Isomax Acoustic Rhino Pro Acoustic Ducting Kits

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Rhino Pro Filter - Futuretech Isomax Fan Filtration Kits

If you want discretion from your air filtration this kit is the way to go.

Combining a super quiet acoustic fan and a long life high-porosity carbon filter you'll barely know your grow room is there!

Previously known as the Futuretech Isomax Acoustic Tube fan, the isomax fan is a powerful acoustic fan designed to move large volumes of air almost silently. With a unique fan blade design which keeps the airflow through the fan straight, rather than drawing air into the centre and swirling it around in a vortex the Isomax minimises the noise created by the fan.

Combined with the Rhino Pro Carbon Filter, a high-quality filtration product constructed from Australian-mined, virgin RC-412 carbon there is no better solution to your air filtration needs. Rhino Pro Filters have an incredibly fast contact time, at 0.05 seconds to completely clear air of impurities they are the perfect partner for a high-performance fan such as the Futuretech AirForce 2.

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