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Rhino Filter Kits- standing best among all Carbon Filters!

The new name in Carbon Filters has now come! Rhino Filters has been gaining world-wide recognition in producing only high-rated carbon filters throughout the world. Rhino Filters has contracted RC412 carbon from Australia and has a huge manufacturing center in China. Its carbon is shipped from Tiwest to China and distributed to the world. 

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The Rhino Filters sells Rhino Pro Filters that are made from the best Australian-mined RC412 carbon. The RC214 Carbon is firmly packed and has been sealed into a very proficient airflow tube that has a vortex cone-shaped tool in the base and a conventional pore surface for utmost transmission. Its high level of porosity of carbon and lightweight aluminum has make the Rhino Filters smaller and easy to handle. 

Does a Rhino Pro Filer last? Not like any other carbon filters that has life spans of nine to eighteen months, its filters have always been known to have a lasting performance for more than two years. Also, available are replacement carbon sleeves that make it lasts even longer. Rhino Filters also vary in sizes that are perfect for many applications. 

Rhino Pro Filters features: RC412 activated carbon (50mm), 1.6mm aluminum tops and bottoms, exceptional “anti-air bypass” system, Custom Mesh that is 51% Open Air, Machine Packed Carbon, Internal Based (Coned), and a sealed-boxed-labeled straight after the manufacture.