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We are dedicated to bringing you the very latest in hydroponic lighting technology, and this is reflected in the wide range and super prices on all grow lights. Discover what the best hydroponic lights can do for your crop, benefit from cheap metal halide lights. Green Spirit Hydroponics sale is now on. Skip to hydroponic fans.

Installing the right lights hydroponics will help the plants in a grow room develop properly. The hydroponics lights need to be close enough to the plants so that they can benefit, but far enough away so that the plants do not get damaged by the heat emitted from the grow light. Many setups allow the hydroponics grow lights to be raised or lowered to accommodate the height of the plants.

If possible, the best hydroponic light should be used in smaller grow rooms because this type of growing light does not emit as much heat as other types of hydroponic lights. When propagation lights and grow lighting are used in the same grow room setup lighting relays can help regulate them so that the plants get the proper amount of red or blue light. The young plants might not develop properly if they are exposed to too much of the hydroponic grow light.

Compact Fluorescent Lights are a great way to kit out your grow room with affordable lighting, for people who feel intimidated by the large price and power rating of High Intensity Discharge lamps. The great thing about CFLs, is the tiny amount of heat generated from these lights. They can be the perfect light to use during the early stages of your plants development, as they provide enough light and rays to encourage growth and photosynthesis, but they do not burn your plants or harm them during the vital early stages.

600w Grow Light

At Green Spirit Hydroponics, we possibly offer the greatest collection of high quality lighting equipment for hydroponics growing available within the industry, including the 600w grow light and much more. Some of the most popular lighting equipment currently offered by Green Spirit Hydroponics includes the Nano Grow lighting and temperature controller, the Digidrive 600w kit and the DEVA Revolution 1000W DE 400V HPS. If anyone wants assistance in selecting the most suitable hydroponics lighting solutions, our team are only a phone call away and always delighted to assist.

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