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Buy hydroponic fans at really low prices via Green Spirit. Discount fans for hydroponic growing, including acoustic fans, fans RVK and fan speed controllers. New in for December 2011 are our powerful cheap fans by the 'Fresh Air Circulator' brand. Skip to grow kits.

Fans, Carbon Filter kits, and the Hydroponic environment; it is important that the hydroponics CO2 be kept at a level appropriate for growing plants. New air must be fed into the grow room constantly and the used air must be extracted without filling the air around the grow room with foul odors. Using an Uvonair ozone generator can help eliminate the odors.

There are other hydroponic supplies that can be used for proper control of odors through hydroponic ventilation. A humidistat extractor fan can be set up to automatically run at certain intervals and bring fresh air into the hydroponic grow room.

For those people that find the noise of the fans distracting, an acoustic box fan can be used to eliminate most of the noise. Other hydroponic fans such as RVK fans are also noted for their lack of noise. A RVK fan runs quietly, but for those who want an even quieter environment there are silencer attachments that fit onto these fans.

Controlling the speeds of your fans can be a difficult thing to achieve reliably, as just plugging the fan into the mains without some sort of controller can be annoying to adjust the speed of. To get the right amount of air coming into your growing room, it is important to have an ability to change the speed of your fan. That's what fan controllers do, and for a small increase in price, you can control two fans with just one controller, making it a valuable addition to your hydroponic garden.

Fans for Hydroponics

It is very important to closely monitor the hydroponic ventilation in any size hydroponic garden, but it is especially true of closed system grow rooms. The plants need a constant source of fresh air and using hydroponic fans can help accomplish that.  It is best to use a speed controller fan so that the air supply can be easily adjusted.

Most fan speed controllers consist of a knob that is turned to the various settings for fan speed control - but hydroponic gardeners should realise that higher settings on the fan speed controller result in higher production of noise emissions from the fan.

This is especially true of the cabinet style grow rooms so many gardeners will use acoustic fans for that type of garden. Acoustic fan controllers work exactly the same as other fan speed controllers and there really is no difference in the deliverance of fresh air to the grow room.  There are also fan speed controllers that can be used to reverse the direction of the air, so that the used air is drawn out of the area (and so are any odours that develop)

Green Spirit Hydroponics are proud to be one the leading UK stockists of SMS fan speed controllers. Please call if you need assistance purchasing the correct product for your needs.

Can Fans

Here at Green Spirit Hydroponics we constantly strive to offer the most extensive and diverse collection of high-quality hydroponic fans and filters including can fans. Some of our most popular hydroponic fan brands include RVK, Isomax, Hyper Fan Stealth, Q-Max, Q-Mas Pro and Hyper Fans, with options suitable for absolutely all hydroponics growing environments, no matter how small or large they may be. If you are looking for a brand new fan or filter, browse our collection below, or alternatively call our professional team will be able to provide you with industry leading advice and guidance.

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