Plant Success Great White Mycorrhizae

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Killer roots for killer plants!

Get explosive yields, root growth, fruit and flowering with this brand new and research proved mycorrhizal supplement.

Plant Success Great White Premium Mycorrhizae is a brand new cutting edge formula, the most complete and effective on the market today!

Great White contains:

  • 15 different species of mycorrhizal fungi
  • 19 species of beneficial bacteria
  • 2 species of Trichoderma
  • Plant vitamins 
  • Glycine

By utilising mycorrhizal association you will see a huge increase in yields (up to 20% in research) not to mention root growth, size and health as well as a whole host of other contributing effects. By using Great White Premium Mycorrhizae you will also reduce drought stress and water/nutrient needs, this means you can either use a little less of your nutrient solution or keep at your normal levels to see fantastic results for no more than a few scoops of Great White!

Mycorrhizae describes a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and the root system of a vascular plant. Basically, the fungus and the plant share with each other and the result is that your plants increase in health, size and yield. Mycorrhizal fungi leech carbohydrates from the plants they associate with, glucose and sucrose are the most usual substances craved by mycorrhizal fungi, however, in exchange the fungi provide a huge list of benefits to your plants.

In return, your plants receive the benefits of the mycelium's higher absorptive capacities. The root system of the fungi (which is, in essence, the root system of your plant, thanks to the symbiotic relationship between your plants and the fungi) has a much higher capacity for absorbing water and nutrients than your plant roots alone do.

Great White is sold as beneficial bacteria but it has lots of helpful uses. It can be used as an organic pesticide to assist with several issues. It helps stop the spread of Pythium which causes seed rot, damping-off and root rot in hydroponics. If used at its highest recommended dosage at every feed over two weeks it gets rid of fungus gnats.

great white mycorrhizac application

We strongly recommend that you try this product, once you've seen the positive effects that mycorrhizal association can have on your plants you won't ever want to go without your beneficial fungi and bacteria!

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great white mycorrhizac application

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