Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18

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Plant Magic Platinum

Platinum from Plant Magic is a superior quality PK additive with a twist. Like most other PK additives on the market Platinum from Plant Magic has a well-balanced ratio of phosphorus to potassium but with additional non-essential ingredients. These include a wide range of amino acids, bio-stimulants, sulphur and a small amount of nitrogen that makes this a well-balanced additive. The bio-stimulants within Plant Magic Platinum help with cation exchange within soil and compost mediums, promote root growth and break down food sources into more readily available forms. The sulphur within Plant Magic Platinum ensures that phosphorus is more readily available to the plant when it is most needed which leads to increased yields. It is advised to use Plant Magic Magne Cal alongside Plant Magic Platinum or any other PK booster to increase potassium uptake and prevent nutrient lock-out and imbalances that may occur.

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Completely soluble, can be used in soil, coco, pebbles and hydroponic systems

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