Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting

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Orca High Performance Reflective Sheeting

Introducing the highest performing reflective sheeting in the hydroponic industry!

Orca Grow Film is a fantastic reflective sheeting that we at Green Spirit are more than happy to recommend to our customers. This grow film boasts a host of advantages over the traditional sheetings used in hydroponics and has outperformed everything currently available on the market in vigorous testing.

Orca Grow Film has a 99% diffusing surface, which means that the microfibre structures used in Orca Grow Film create even light distribution regardless of the angle at which light strikes the surface of the sheeting. The result is that this grow film reduces hot spots and DOES NOT require to be hung flat during installation.

The surface of Orca Grow Film has been measured at 94% reflectivity across the full visible light spectrum, which makes it the most reflective grow film in the industry by far. The film maintains the exact colour wavelength from your lamps, meaning none of your light is wasted. The only light not reflected is potentially harmful UV light with a wavelength below 400nm.


Orca Reflectance Chart

Orca Grow Film is incredibly durable, at 1.1mm thick the sheeting is resistant to tears and punctures, unlike other reflective sheeting on the market. The film is also thermally reflective, making it easier to keep your temperatures stable and your heat inside your grow room.

If this all sounds too good to be true then watch the video and give it a go! Orca Grow Film is designed and manufactured with hydroponic gardeners in mind and the results really do speak for themselves.

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