The Green Spirit Hydroponics Olympic Loyalty Reward Scheme.




We’ve been in the hydroponics & horticulture business for a long time; we’ve listened to our customers, their concerns, needs and wants over the years. Bearing this in mind we decided to introduce the Olympic Loyalty Scheme, because we strongly believe in rewarding loyal and returning customers, whether its loyalty to one brand, or just being a regular face in-store, loyalty deserves rewarding, and with three tiers of reward schemes available, Gold, Silver and Bronze - there is something to suit each of our customers.



Customers can ascend to different levels of loyalty within the Olympic Loyalty Scheme via means of monetary milestones, minimum number of in-store visits over a period of time, or friend referrals.


Each tier (Gold, Silver and Bronze) comes with its own set discount, however some customers may feel they want their discounts tailored to certain products, or brands – we’ve catered our loyalty scheme around this, making sure that even the customers that are loyal to a certain brand are rewarded for their loyalty via the means of our tailored discounts.

We also understand that security and privacy are massive issues for our customers, and we wanted to make sure our Olympic Loyalty Scheme suits our customers’ needs. With this in mind, the ONLY information we need from ANY customer is a “Nickname”



The Olympic Loyalty Scheme comes with a variety of benefits to suit our customers and their needs, these include:

  • Tracking spend
  • General/tailored discounts
  • Brand tracking
  • No receipts (for privacy)
  • Frequent buyer rewards
  • Works across both Sheffield & Barnsley
  • Customer referral bonus (card upgrade)
  • Privacy guaranteed (no details necessary)


If you’re interested in joining the Green Spirit Olympic Loyalty Scheme, or require any more information, please don’t hesitate to ask in-store or contact us 

*Please note, all discounts are tailored to suit our customers – all discount percentages and benefits will be discussed prior to the loyalty accounts being administered.

*Minimum spend will be revealed to customers during the setting up of the customers account

*Minimum number of visits over a minimum amount of time will be discussed during the setting up of the customers account