Monkey Nutrients PK 14/15

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Monkey Nutrients PK 14/15

The last flowering piece to the monkey puzzle.

A concentrated ratio of Phosphorus and Potassium is as essential to yield density and quality as any element needed for plant growth. Allowing your plant access to high levels of P and K during the crucial mid-flowering point can make or break your harvest results.

Monkey Magic’s PK14-15 ratio is the highest concentration you will want or need to allow your plant to reach its harvest potential.

Use it at 2ml per litre in weeks 5, 6 and 7 for unbelievable results and see for yourself the real Monkey Magic.

Monkey Nutrients PK 14/15


A highly potent mix of Phosphorus and Potassium which is absolutely essential to increase crop density and get the very best quality out of your plants. It helps your plant access the high levels of P and K which is vital when you reach the mid way point of the flowering cycle which can make your crop become a BUMBER crop..

How it works.

Pk14-15 works by allowing your plant to access the right concentration of P and K helping your plant to gain huge weight and density in the final few weeks of flowering. Phosphorus and potassium in perfect concentration increases yield, density and quality essential for any plant.

How to use.

It couldn't be easier to use Monkey Nutrients. 2mls per litre, throughout weeks 5, 6 and 7. Do not over use as the concentration is perfect balance to allow you reach the full potential of your crop.

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