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Mighty Wash Gravity Sprayer 330ml

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Mighty Wash Gravity Sprayer 330ml

Availability: In stock

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“The Cleanest Solution to your Plant Problems”

Mighty Wash is a revolutionary new spidermite eliminating pesticide from NPK Industries, developed using frequency adjusted water Mighty Wash is completely safe even to drink! Using frequency adjusted water they have developed a safe, organic way of getting rid of spidermite infestations. The frequency adjusted water accounts for 99.8% of Mighty Wash whilst inert oils make up the final 2%.

The frequency held by the water actually paralyses spidermites on contact, while the 0.2% inert oil content kills the mites, getting rid of pesky infections quickly and efficiently. Mighty Wash can be used at all stages of growth and as usual with all spray methods - up until heavy sets of flowers are formed.

Mighty Wash has no discernible taste or smell, meaning using Mighty Wash will not affect the taste of your crop!

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