Maxibright LightWave T5

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LightWave T5 Propagation Lighting

The LightWave T5 is one of the best, most highly developed propagation light fittings available, capable of providing unparalleled success with your young plants.

The LightWave T5's create the most even spread of light available in a single fluorescent lighting unit. The LightWave T5 is sleek, compact and incredibly energy efficient making it one of the most popular pieces of propagation lighting on the market. Coming in a variety of sizes there's a LightWave to suit whatever application you may require!

LightWave T5's come with blue-spectrum lamps as standard as these lamps provide the best light spectrum for propagation and vegetation, however red spectrum lamps are available for use with this unit if you wish to use the LightWave T5 in flower as well. The LightWave T5 is a fantastic lighting rig to use in flower thanks to it's low wattage and heat output, these lamps have a reputation for producing compact flowers with small internodal spacing. These lamps are incredibly good for sea of green growing styles and are very easy to daisy chain together for covering larger areas.

Please note: The LightWave T5 is available in four different sizes; the 2 foot 2-Bulb, 2 foot 4-Bulb, 4 foot 4-Bulb and 4 foot 8-Bulb. Please see the quick overview for the relevant dimensions for each product.
Also the 4 foot 8-Bulb LightWave comes with another switch in addition to the standard on/off switch allowing you to toggle 4 Bulbs or 8 Bulbs on to provide optimal control over the light coverage/energy consumption ratio.

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