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Large Lab Oven

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Large Lab Oven

Availability: In stock

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Large Lab Oven total 4 shelves 415 x 350mm - 1.9 Cu.ft

When it comes to producing quality hydrocarbon extracts it is imperative to remove all residual solvents from the product.

The usual method of purging essential oils involves excessive amounts of heat to release the solvent from the product. Although this process works to create a clean product, a lot of the more volatile molecules such as terpenes are also lost during the heating process. The use of a vacuum oven allows you to physically pull all of the residual solvents from the product whilst applying a very gentle heat, just enough to lower the viscosity of the oil so that the remaining solvents are “looser” and can be pulled out by the pressure of the vacuum. The Kenton Vacuum Oven DZF-6020 is an industrial grade unit that uses digital temperature control to maintain a stable temperature evenly spread throughout the oven. The robust build of the unit allows maximum vacuum pressure to be maintained and the two shelves inside the oven allow you to run two separate batches at once. The vacuum gauge allows you to see what level of vacuum you are pulling eliminating any guess work whilst the air inlet valve allows you to decrease the vacuum slowly and gently to control the initial “muffin” that the oil will form upon first applying the vacuum.


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