IWS PRO Flood and Drain FLEXI tank system

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iws 48 pot pro flood and drain system



Each kit contains your FREE trial of Ecothrive Charge. Charge Trial size is dependent upon kit size, see below:

6 pot 1 litre 5.95
12 pot 2 litre 11.90
24 pot 2 litre 11.90
36 pot 5 litre 19.95
48 pot 7 litre 31.85

ALSO.....FREE Gold Label 80/20 sample with purchase 


All pro systems include the new 25mm pro pipe and fittings which are all moulded. This makes them much stronger and ensures that there no leaks. They also come with larger pumps in the brain, all this means that you are able to not only flood your system but drain it much quicker, this helps maintain lower temperatures in your water as they flow much quicker down that black pipes that just absorb the heat from the lamps in your grow room.

IWS manufacture the finest horticultural flood and drain watering systems available.

Our intelligent watering systems are cost effective and our aim is to provide a system that fills the gap in the market. The watering system has been built to enable the novice gardener to become and expert overnight. Both flood systems and watering systems are suitable for all kinds of gardeners from hobbyist to the commercial grower. 

The watering system can be fine tuned to your precise needs. It utilises mechanical fifteen-minute timers with fine tuning minute timers for full control of the horticultural growing system. These features eliminate the constant attention needed for most other water and flood systems and eliminate water wastage. The intelligent watering system is a highly developed hybrid flood and drain system which works by flooding from the bottom of each individual pot. 

The pots are made up of three parts: a stand with a preset height and a 5 degree slope which allows all the water to drain back to the main tank, stopping the roots from sitting in water; a base pot which has a water tight gland through which the nutrient is delivered and a separate drain pot which has machined holes in the base, allowing the flood and drain action

The delivery pipe is connected to the base pots which allows a slow and even flood. When a pre-set saturation in the medium is met, the grow system then switches automatically to drain and works in reverse, sucking out all of the nutrients from the base of the pot leaving the roots moistened but never oversaturated or left standing in water

Please select which pot type you require at no extra costs.

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