IPM Thrip Predator Sachet

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IPM Thrip Predator Pest Control Sachet 

Amblyseius Cucumeris is a predatory mite which primarily targets Thrips (Thripidae) and will also target Broad (Russet) Mites. 

Thrips thrive in warm, low to medium humidity and have a short reproductive cycle. Female adult thrips live up to 30 days and lay 2-10 eggs per day. At 20, development from egg to adult takes approximately 19 days. At 25, it takes 13 days. 

Amblyseius cucumeris feeds on young thrip larvae.

Amblyseius cucumeris can survive without the presence of thrips and will form a colony. Amblyseius cucumeris is best used as a spider mite prevention rather than a cure and can be introduced before the presence of thrips

How Do I Know If I Have Thrips?

Thrips are really small insects who grow up to around 1-1.5mm in size. Using a magnifying loupe will help you see them a little clearer. With a smart phone, you can see this with our Phone Scope. 

One of the easiest ways to see if you have a thrip infection is to cut a yellow sticky fly trap into strips and lay them over the top of your pot. If this isn't possible with the pot you're using, sitting a whole trap as close to the pot as possible will work too. 

Application of Amblyseius Cucumeris:


Hang one or two sachets per plant on stems, in shade towards the bottom of the plant. 


Turn and shake bottle before application, sprinkle the material on leaves equally between your plants. Again, target the lower shaded leaves where the humidity is higher. 



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