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Mountain air filter + Hyper fan + acoustic ducting KIT

Availability: In stock

Mountain air filter + Hyper fan + acoustic ducting KIT

Availability: In stock

Price: £272.95
Price: £272.95
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Is your extractor fan not quite cutting it? The Hyper Fan from Phresh Fans is a new inline fan that has unrivalled performance under pressure.

 All sizes of The Hyper Fan move the greatest volume of air per watt of any fan in the industry. Each Hyper Fan Comes with a fully adjustable fan speed controller so that you can tailor your air movement to your room’s requirements. The fully adjustable fan speed controller also reduces the amount of noise that your hyper fan will emit, the more you reduce the fan speed, the quieter the fan will run. The laminar flow fan blades and stators in the Hyper Fan are also the most efficient components of any inline fan on the market.  Get unbeatable extraction performance with the new Hyper Fan.

  • powerful
  • adjustable
  • quiet
  • efficient
  • extraction

When it comes to odour control for your indoor garden, Mountain Air Filters stand proud and tall at the top of their league.

  • Thick, High-quality carbon
  • 3 years life span
  • Require practically no maintenance 
  • Less than 80% exhaust humidity
  • Decarboxylation of Volatile Compounds
  • includes 2 pre-filters
  • 3-year guarantee 

 "The Gold Standard of Carbon Filters" - The carbon within Mountain Air Filters is very high quality and the layer of carbon within the filter is much thicker than other filters on the market; giving you superlatively clean and scent free air Whichever sized fan your grow room requires, there is a Mountain Air Filter to suit.  Rated for a total run time of up to 3 years, Mountain Air Filters allow an extra 50% total running time when compared to other brands on the market. Having odour from your grow room under control gives you peace of mind, so why risk it?

Includes 5 metres of acoustic ducting

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