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GT 205 Hydroponic Kit with 250w Compact Euro Light Kit 

Kit Contents:

The Green Spirit Hydroponic Starter kits contain everything you need to start growing 1- 2 plants indoors hydroponically.  

The Hydroponic Kit 1 is an NFT based grow kit that is suited to a space of around 1-metre square. NFT is an old method of hydroponic cultivation but is still one of the most productive hydroponic systems available. They work by constantly supplying the roots of your plants with a thin film of nutrient solution that allows a great supply of air to the roots whilst water and nutrients are continually available 

The Nutrients supplied with the Hydroponics kit 1 are a high-quality hydroponic nutrient that will supply your plants with every essential element they need to produce healthy shoot and root growth.   

The 250w lighting kit supplied comes with a magnetic ballast, open end reflector, a quality HPS bulb and comes with a single plug timer to automate your lighting cycle and ratchet hangers to hang and adjust the height of your light.  

Here at Green Spirit, we like to reward our loyal customers and that's why when buying this kit, you save over £40 


  • Low maintenance 
  • Excellent delivery and even distribution of nutrient 
  • Easy access to pump and nutrients 
  • Large volume of nutrient solution to plant capacity 
  • Absence of root disease, typical in soil grown plants 
  • Unlimited supply of oxygen 
  • Low-level system to maximise headroom 
  • Suitable to use Grodan rock wool

What is NFT?

NFT stands for ‘Nutrient Film Technique’. A thin film of nutrient solution flows through the roots of your plants providing them with all the elements they need. The only medium used is the medium that the plants are started in, it is a ‘bare rooted’ technique.

In a Nutriculture NFT system the nutrient solution is contained in a tank. Your plants sit on a tray or ‘channel’ above the tank and nutrient solution is pumped up to the ‘channel’ and flows over the roots of your plants. Unused nutrient solution drains back into the tank ready to be passed over the roots again.

A constant supply of water and nutrition to the roots combined with unlimited access to oxygen means you can expect up to 4x the yield of traditional soil growing.

nft diagram

Why NFT produces great results

  • ‘Bare rooted’ technique means unrestricted access to oxygen.
  • Greater uptake of water and nutrients.
  • Never under or over-fed and no nutrient build up.

Why choose Nutriculture NFT systems?

  • Proven results – achieve up to 4x greater yield than conventional growing methods.
  • Healthier plants – your plants are never under-fed or over-watered and there is no build up of salts in the root zone.
  • Get more out of a small space.
  • Reduce manual watering frequency.
  • Very little medium used – less chance of disease, less waste material for you to dispose of.


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