HotBox CO2 Generator 0.75kw

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Affordable and easy-to-use CO2 supplementation solution.

The Hotbox CO2 Generator is a easy to use CO2 generation module.

Suitable for areas of up to 20m2 and putting out 1000ppm CO2 this affordable environmental control device will significantly increase your plant’s performance and yield by providing it with essential CO2 for photosynthesis (carbon dioxide + water (+ light energy) → glucose + oxygen).

The Hotbox CO2 Generator runs on propane or natural gas (and is supplied with a conversion kit for natural gases) and is extremely easy to install, requiring only that you connect it to your supply and your mains and turn it on. It is important to remember that plants can only absorb carbon dioxide that is near to them.

CO2 is heavier than air and so will fall when in your tent. Good circulation is required to make the best out of your CO2 kit, ensure that you have adequate circulation in terms of clip/floor standing or oscillating fans.

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