Growers Ark Root Tonic

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Growers Ark Root Tonic

A Biostimulant that is very effective for developing vigorous root systems on seedlings/cuttings and for treating stress/shock in established plants. Plants treated with root tonic will have a greater resistance to stress from lack of water, heat/cold or transplantation. Root tonic can be used on its own or added to your regular feed, it can also be used as a foliar spray.

Growers Ark are a UK based (Sheffield) company, who produce high-quality plant food and additives. In order to give their customers the best possible products, they only use technical grade salts in their food. The biological components of their food are of an equally high quality(from sustainable resources) and where possible from organic sources. The minerals in their food are picked to give the best results for plant growth rather than the easiest / cheapest mix to manufacture. Growers Ark manufactures and bottles all of their products in-house, and do not contract out the production or bottling of any of their products.

Gareth Cameron, competition onion grower from Cumbria uses Growers Ark Root Tonic getting his prize-winning results every time. Proudly supplied by our team here at Green Spirit Hydroponics Ltd.   

Gareth Cameron Prize onions

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