Grodan Delta Rockwool Blocks

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Grodan Delta Rockwool Blocks - 3" and 4" Available

Grodan Delta Rockwool Blocks are the basis for uniform and perfectly controlled hydroponic propagation.

Each Grodan Delta Rockwool Block is virtually identical in terms of density and sturdiness which means an equal distribution of the water content, EC and pH across your medium which in turn promotes uniform quality across your plants!

Grodan Delta Rockwool Blocks guarantee the perfect air/water balance and the distribution of small and large pores through the block ensures that no matter where your roots are they always have enough air and water. These pores also ensure that water and nutrients are distributed through your blocks in a uniform manner. All this contributes to the development of strong root systems that are evenly distributed throughout your block.

There's no better way to ensure your plants are big and healthy than to take care of them in early life. By using Grodan Delta Rockwool Blocks you know the root systems of your plants are big and fully functioning which can only lead to huge yielding and healthy plants coming into the later growth stages!

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