Growers Ark Coco Bloom A+B

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Growers Ark Coco Bloom

Growers Ark are a Sheffield-based company producing high quality plant food from sustainable resources and, where possible, organically.

This food is formulated for growing in a coco-based medium with a range of feeding methods (top/bottom feeding, drippers etc). 
This A and B, for use during bloom period, is manufactured from high grade salts and EDTA chelated trace elements for maximum ease of uptake by the plant. It also contains extra trace elements as sulphates to provide a secondary source of traces for the plants.
The hard water formulation contains high grade nitric acid to neutralize hardness and reduce the need for pH adjustment. Basically you will need to use less pH down when using this food than with some other similar products.
This food contains potassium humate, which is what makes part B brown. Potassium humate is a large molecule of the same chemical family as humus - one of the things that makes good soil good. Humate is highly active in soil, or any other growing medium, being involved in the uptake of nutrients, microbial activity and the cycling of nutrients. Studies have shown that plants grown in a medium rich in humic substances are more resistant to stress and develop bigger root systems. 

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