GHE Ripen 1 Litre

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Speciality Flowering Booster & Fertilising Forcing Solution

Ripen is not an additive or a stimulator. Ripen is a complete fertiliser designed to provide a plant everything it needs to complete the ripening process.


Ripen is a comprehensive nutrient developed for use in the late stages of flowering. Ripen speeds up and enhances the ripening process as well as increasing the content of active ingredients in medicinal, aromatic and culinary vegetation.

This formulation is a “forcing solution” this means that it gives the plant an irrefutable signal that it is coming to the end of its life cycle. In response, the plant reacts by speeding the ripening process in an effort to propagate before its life comes to an end.

Not only does Ripen bring all the necessary minerals your plant needs but it also aids in the assimilation of micro-elements already taken in by your plants. Ripen is perfect for squeezing every last drop of performance out of your plants and does so by provoking natural responses rather than filling your plant with chemicals.

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