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GHC Multifan Fan Controller

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GHC Multifan Fan Controller

Availability: In stock

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We have found the GHC fan speed controller the most diverse controller on the market so far. Here is what we like about it

  • Controls both AC AND EC (digital and Hybrid fans) at the same time

  • Fan Balance (enables you to control intake fan to retain positive pressure)  

  • Humidity control (which can be turned off or on)

  • Backlit LCD Screen which allows viewing in dark environments

  • Led sensor warming lights flash when the parameters change

  • Highly sensitive light, heat and humidity sensors

  • Fully digital (for optimal precision)

Controls both AC AND EC

The GHC Fan Pro Grow Controller is the first of its type, with the ability to control both AC and EC fans. Here are examples of fans that fall into the AC category, old school System air RVK Fans, wooden Box Fans such as Gekko Fans or vents fans basically any fan that does note state it is digital note-this controller does not work very well with Can Iso-max inline Fan so our advice is don’t risk it if this is what you are running.  

Examples of EC Fans are as follows, Q-max, Revolution Vector Fans, the new Blauberg range and the hyper fans.

The only thing we have to say is that when you use the GHC Pro Grow Fan speed controller with the HYPER FANS the you must select this in the fan section of the controller as they use different software to other EC FAN’S on the market, but once you have told the controller that you are using it with the HYPER FAN they work perfectly.

Twin E/C ports allow flawless data transfer to any E/C fan with an added 2 3-Pin sockets on the front that run up to 5 amp per socket

Fan Balancer

This really helps when you have not quite got enough negative pressure, with the GHC PRO GROW Fan Controller you can just slide back the amount of air your intake fan is bringing in meaning you can retain negative pressure within your grow room

Humidity control

These guys again, have put a lot of thought into the way this controller deals with Humidity in your grow room.  The GHC PRO GROW fan controller always displays the humidity but will only do something about it if you turn on the humidity function.

The way it works – once you have told the GHC PRO GROW fan controller what your optimum humidity is, the controller will increase your outtake fan by 20% in short bursts, until it is happy that you are back to your optimal humidity, this works really well as it keeps your temperature very stable while dealing effectively with the humidity

Humidity going from day mode to night mode – A common problem when the lights go off! Other controllers ramp the fans down to reach night time temps, this increases humidity. As the lights go off the temps drop and humidity goes up, as your fans have ramped down the humidity is not able to be extracted quick enough.  

The GHC PRO GROW fan controller takes one hour to reach night time temps which enables your fans to extract enough humidity as your room cools for there not to be humidity problems.

Backlit LCD Screen&Led sensor warming lights

The LED indicators panel displays fan speed, parameter changes and warning lights, these are easily visible from anywhere in the room, increases in speed that the LED flashing gives you an indication to the percentage your fans have ramped up by. The Parameter Adjust LED will light up till this is rectified

There are also warning lights that flash warning messages that warn you about problems with the fan, sensors etc

The sensor that has been developed reads Temperature, light and humidity, and it does it very accurately and very quickly this is partly as they are not shrouded in plastic or metal the sensors are imbedded in a white vented plastic case

The LED’s can be turned off if you don’t want the machine flashing at you, the only led that cannot be turned off is the power led, we just covered this up with a little piece of duct tape, this solved the problem nicely.

What customer like about the GHC PRO GROW fan controller

Most customers that have bought the GHC PRO GROW fan controller don’t mind paying around £400.00 for a better-quality EC Extraction fan but most people cringe when they realise that they have to buy another one for their intake as the EC Controller Only Control EC fans, that is now no longer an issue thanks to the GHC PRO GROW fan controller

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Ghc controller

Posted on 12/12/2017 by Alan Very good controller,you can have an old style fan and a new ec type plugged into it at same time just a couple of things to be aware of,the first is that it will make the old style rvk fans buzz when they are ramped down and the other thing is if you buy a ec fan you will probably need a 3 pin male/male
Extension lead.i got a revolution fan only to find out the lead on them is only 5inch long so its worth bearing in mind.

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