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Gavita Mammoth Elite HCG2 220x180x240 kit 1

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Gavita Mammoth Elite HCG2 220x180x240 kit 1

Availability: In stock

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 Kit Includes:

The intensity and specific spectrum of light that the Gavita Pro 1000e series give combined with the shape and size of the Mammoth Gavita tents together provide an ideal, perfectly illuminated grow space for your favourite plants to thrive in. Available in two different sizes and with a variety of lighting combinations these grow room kits will deliver a much higher weight per watt of light used in comparison to industry standard 200cm tents and 600w HPS kits. The lining of the Mammoth tent gives a great amount of cross penetration, reflecting light to the sides of plants at better angles delivering light like the sun. 

The two different sizes of tent are suited for either one or two 1000w gavita lights with the option of additional lights in the form of 315w ceramic metal halide lamps. These lights are also known as daylights due to their near natural light spectrum that reads >90 on the colour rendering index. The LEP lights that are usually advised to be used in conjunction with the 1000w Gavita lights have a similar spectrum but lack the intensity that the ceramic metal halide lamps provide.

The Gavita Pro 1000e series lights come with the Gavita master controller to fully control your lights; turning them on and off at your desired times and also dimming the lights when temperatures become greater than your desired temperature. As the desired temperature is reached in your grow room, the master controller will slowly dim your lights until the area settles to the desired temperature. This means you will never have an issue with too much heat, saving your plants from any unnecessary stress and damage. The Master controller also comes with the option of a sunrise and sunset mode, easing your plants in and out of their light cycle without any sudden increases in light output.


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