Gavita EL1F Master Controller Gen 2

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Gavita EL1F Master Controller Gen 2 Model

Gavita EL1F Master Controller Gen 2 

Use the EL1F Controller to Take Full Control of Your Lights and Ventilation

Intelligent PID Fan Control - The controller uses a self-learning AI that continuously makes corrections to get and keep your environment optimal.

0 – 10v EC Fan Control - The latest generation of fans use EC technology that uses a lot less energy and producing less noise while maintaining power & torque.

Logging Keep track of your high and low temperatures so you can take remedial action if temps drift out of optimal ranges. The controller also stores last auto-dim event, last shutdown protection event and last power loss event, as well as these events date and timestamp.

Non Volatile Memory -Dependable memory to store your settings, like an elephant, the Gen 2 Gavita controllers will never forget.

Separate Sunrise & Sunset Control - The sunrise and sunset feature can slowly ramp up or down the intensity of your lights over a user-defined period. The gradual change in output reduces the swing in temperature and humidity meaning less shock and stress to plants, as well as a reduced chance of botrytis (blossom rot) as less condensation will form on fruit.

Independent Programmable External Contactor Modules (ECM) - The EL2F gives the grower the ultimate in flexible integration by allowing contactor modules to be separately programmed, this means different light fixtures can be used in the same room – most used when Growers want to supplement with CMH lighting.


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