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Flower Filter + RVK Acoustic Kit

Availability: In stock

Flower Filter + RVK Acoustic Kit

Availability: In stock

Price: £98.00
Price: £98.00
Product description


Premium grade Carbon Filters that will remove 99% of odours from your grow room combined with the powerful RVK fan. 


  • Finest Virgin Australian RC 412 granular carbon 
  • Machine Packed - Allowing more carbon, and less movement.
  • Open Air Mesh Design - Maximises Airflow.
  • Activated Carbon absorbs and traps pollutants 
  • Carbon removes 99% of odours & impurities from the air.
  • 2 high-density Pre-Filters Included
  • Large custom mesh for increased air flow
  • Unique, lightweight & highly efficient design
  • Refined Aluminium flange
  • Aluminium top & base 
  • RVK fits directly into the filter, no need for ducting

The Flower filter uses the finest Virgin Australian RC412 granular carbon which is tightly packed to prevent odour leakage from absorbing and trapping impurities from the air. The pre-filters are of an exceptionally high quality and extremely dense meaning fewer particles can penetrate the filter and cause blockages. This sleek filter features an open mesh design to maximise airflow and an aluminium top and base. It is designed for maximum efficiency. Being lightweight, it is easy to position and suspends with minimal fuss. 

The RVK fans fit perfectly into the Flower removing the need for ducting and meaning your set up is straightforward and streamlined. The RVK range of fans are designed primarily for industrial use, this means that when you purchase an RVK Inline Extraction Fan you're purchasing a reliable, efficient and high-performance product. These fans are perfectly suited for extended use, you can run one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and encounter no problems at all - in fact, that's exactly what they're designed for! The RVK extraction motors run in complete silence, any audible noise produced is by the actual airflow which can cause rattling in your ducting. 

Each kit comes complete with 5 metres of Acoustic ducting and duct clips.

Sizes Available 

Size m3/hr                      
100 x 200mm 170  
125 x 300mm 500  
150 x 300mm 600   
150 x 600mm 700   
200 x 600mm 850  
250 x 600mm 1080  
315 x 600mm 2400  

RVK FAN Does not include wiring-Please ensure a qualified electrician correctly fits power supply

Select below for additional option of cable and plug

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