Faran Humidistat HR-EHSA

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Humidistat HR-HRSA

The Faran analogue Humidistat HR-EHSA is a great humidity controller and a cost-effective alternative to the Faran HR-DHTC.


  • Easy to use with its simple operation
  • For use with only one humidifier since the capacity of internal switch is only 2.2 ampere
  • High durability and trouble free

The Faran HR-EHSA is an analogue humidity control device which can simultaneously monitor your environment and make adjustments to the output of your humidifier in order to maintain a constant desirable humidity.
The Faran HR-EHSA measures the humidity of your environment and then adjusts your humidifier accordingly to either raise or reduce the humidity. If your humidity gets too high then the HR-EHSA will switch off your humidifier until your room returns to reasonable levels, if it gets too low then it will switch it on until it returns to normal.
Humidity is an oft-overlooked aspect of environmental control but the effect it can have on the quality and yield of your plants is amazing. Plants thrive when growing in the right relative humidity, it aids transpiration, uptake, cell division and growth in all areas. By using the Faran Humidistat HR-EHSA in combination with one of our fantastic HR-15 or HR-50 Humidification units you can increase your yields and the quality of your environment with ease.

More Information
Installation - Fix the unit at 150cm from the floor (fixing hole on the reserve side of the case)
Operation - Set the knob on the humidity level you require. If you set the knob on 70, the humidifier would stop at 70%rH and restart at 67%rH
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