ExHale Organic CO2 Generator

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ExHale Organic CO2 Generator

Photosynthesis is the process in which plants convert the available light into energy and food for themselves so that plants can grow and thrive.

Indoor Gardens unfortunately lack CO2 in abundance like the great mother nature does, and so photosynthesis isn’t as efficient as it is in nature.  Introducing CO2 into your indoor garden will notably increase plant health, vigour and yield.

Introducing the ExHale Organic CO2 Generator – the simplest CO2 generator on the market today. The Exhale CO2 Generator creates a continual supply of CO2 from the Mycelial mass sitting inside the bag, the Mycelial cultivates CO2 24 hours a day and it steadily leaves the exit on the top of the bag.

 The ExHale Organic CO2 Generator will produce a steady stream of CO2 for 6 months. It is advised that the bag is placed higher than your plants, as CO2 is heavier then O2 so it will steadily fall and reach your plants. Do not open the bag or it will disrupt the Mycelial.

It is also recommended that you use ONE BAG per 4-6 plants. 

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