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Ipac Ballast - Euro Reflector Lighting Kit

Availability: In stock

Ipac Ballast - Euro Reflector Lighting Kit

Availability: In stock

Price: £81.17
Price: £81.17
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Maxibright iPac power packs are the most compact ballast units available, fully encapsulated allowing for silent running and can run both sodium and metal halide lamps. 

The unit has an encapsulated choke potted in resin in an injection-moulded enclosure, which ensures silent running. 

The choke also incorporates a thermal cut out device (250w & 400w) to protect against lamp rectification and short circuits. 

The igniter is also timed to protect against lamp failure. Maxibright Compact Power Packs - A compact unit - Fully encapsulated - Class 2 earth free safety - Silent operation - Timed igniter - Wall mountable - Standard IEC connections - Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps 

Conventional power packs rely on simple and basic air vents in the outer case, to cool and protect the internal components. The Compact range of encapsulated power packs take advantage of the entire enclosure to dissipate the heat from these components, resulting in greatly reduced internal temperatures compared to air vented power packs. 

These methods of encapsulation, widely used in Oil & Petroleum industries, provide the ultimate protection, giving generally longer component life and better electrical operating characteristics.

The Euro Reflector is one of the most popular reflectors on the hydroponic market because of its simple straightforward design and its great low price, It has a Hammered dimpled anodised aluminium finish. With high reflectability at a great budget price - so super value for money! 


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