Essentials pH Acid Test Kit (Wide Spectrum)

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pH Test Kit

A cost effective and easy to use pH testing kit, the Essentials pH Test Kit is ideal for the novice and hobby grower.

Testing the pH of your nutrient solution and/or water is a very important part of hydroponic gardening, if the pH of your solution is not ideal for your plants you may see adverse growth reactions or even plant death.

However, don't despair as testing your pH levels is incredibly simple, especially with the Essentials pH Test Kit! All you need to do is add a small amount of your nutrient solution to a vial (which is supplied with the kit) add a few drops of test solution and mix. By comparing the colour of the liquid post-testing to the colour chart which comes supplied you can easily determine your pH level and adjust it as needed with products such as pH Up or pH Down.

This kit comes with enough testing solution for up to 150 tests, that means if you test your pH three times a week this kit will last you approximately one year. Take the hassle out of your pH testing and increase your plants' yields and health by using the Essentials pH Testing Kit, you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner!

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