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EF100 Ebb & Flood System

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EF100 Ebb & Flood System

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EF100 Ebb and Flow System


The EF100 Ebb and Flow System is a fantastic and inexpensive automated hydroponic system perfect for first time system growers and experienced hydroponic gardeners alike.

The EF100 is a 1.2m square ebb and flow table. An ebb and flow table system works much like many other automated feeding systems, you have a tank on the bottom and a channel on top on which your plants (in their substrates or pots) rest. Using a timer you flood this top channel as often as required for short intervals allowing the substrates to soak up your nutrient solution and keep your plants fed.

The new EF100 features a new table or with added ribs to strengthen the tray which means it will be much more stable and durable when used with pots. This system is incredibly flexible, allowing you to grow with any medium, with or without pots and set your feedings on a timer to suit the stage of growth of your plants.

The 1.2 meter square system fits perfectly into a 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent such as the Secret Jardin Dark Room DR120 and is ideal for growing plants throughout a whole cycle.

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