Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil

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Ecothrive Eco-Life Living Organic Soil

The ultimate in 100% living organic soil, Ecothrive Eco-life Soil returns after a short hiatus and it's never been better. with a complete new recipe featuring all natural ingredients.

It's made in small batches in their Sheffield HQ, to ensure it’s always fresh and ready to help you grow healthy and productive plants. Ecothrive Eco-life soil is packed with added benefits.

Ecothrive Eco-Life Supercharged Soil

Eco-life contains everything a plant needs from seed or cutting right the way through to harvest without the grower needing to feed and flush, you can add boosters such as Ecolife Life cycle. Eco-Life soil is different to traditional bagged soils with no need to add a liquid nutrient formula each time you water, everything you need is already loaded into the soil. All you need to add is good quality water and apply it in a measured amount, basically not too wet not too dry.

  • New  larger and more discrete packaging Ecothrive have increased the size to 45 litres and it comes in discreet heavy duty cardboard boxes  with a very thin but durable LDPE plastic liner and a label that is easily removed.

  • Reusable Soil Ecothrive have made a product that is also reuseable all you have to do is add Ecothrive life-cycle soil amendment and you're good to go again.

  • "No Till" This soil is the absolute must have for growers who have already switched or are thinking of switching to No Till growing.

  • Easy to use Because this soil has all the nutrients you need already, it's the perfect soil for beginners 

  • Enviro friendly The use of cardboard and no need to add any nutrients, means it cuts down on unnecessary waste.

  • UK Product Made in Sheffield and in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

What's In It? 

  • Seaweed Meal is packed with over 60 trace elements that your plants need. It's regarded as the best organic soil additive in the world.
  • Basalt- (Volcanic Rock Dust) is incredibly high in silica. It strengthens cell walls to make your leaves, stems, branches alot stronger. Plants are more resilient to pests & climate extremes. This helps to produce bigger yields.
  • Mealworm Frass- (Ecothrive Charge)It charges your plant with N, P and K with lots of essential microbes and mealworm castings. It also contains chitin to improve your plant’s immune response and defences.
  • Gypsum- It boosts calcium & sulphur which can contribute to better flavour and aroma. It also improves water penetration which helps stop water logging.
  • Crustacean Meal- 100% Krill and adds N, P, K, calcium, magnesium and sulphur to bring out a fuller flavour. It's packed with Essential Fatty Acids (Omega/EFA’s) that feed microbes.
  • Neem Cake- It’s a nutrient accumulator in itself. It collects nutrition deep under the soil surface when most plants never reach.  Neem is potent in N, P, K, Calcium & Magnesium while helping prevent pests & pathogens.
  • Vermicompost- (Worm Castings) This is the most important ingredient and is the catalyst for the others to work . It adds bacteria and fungi that break up other ingredients, making them available to the plants. Vermicompost also adds extra nutrients. Worm castings come from an indoor farm and are fed organic fruit and vegetables.
  • Humic & Fulvic Acids These come from a natural mined deposit of ancient vegetation and mimi the humus, the deposit is rich in humic & fulvic acids, helping chelate nutrients and stimulate microbial activity. Giving your plant and roots improved growth.

How to Use

To fully appreciate what this soil can do, we suggest using 180-250L of media per 1.2m2.

We always advise to use 45L per pot, with 4 pots per 1.2m2.

Different pot sizes will work, as long as you use the correct amount of soil. For example; 2 x 90L pots, 6 x 30L pots, or one big 200L bed would be ideal.

Starting Off

Ecothrive Eco Life is the perfect soil for seed to harvest, If you're concerned about delicate plants try mixing with a small amount of CoCo to begin with.


  • Always start with good quality water

  • Build up your water level slowly

  • Do not over water

  • For your first water, add 5 – 10% of total pot volume

  • Check your pots and water every few days

  • You want to keep the soil evenly moist, and not too wet

  •  No final flush is needed

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