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Ecothrive Biosys

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Ecothrive Biosys

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 Biosys Instant Microbe Tea is the complete microbial solution which consists of a unique blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants. 


Containing several varieties organisms including endo mycorrhizal fungi, Bacillus, Nitrogen enhancing bacteria, Pseudomonas and Trichoderma, Biosys improves the efficiency of the roots and the availability of water and nutrients and also to aid disease prevention, improve plant growth and disintegrate organic matter. 

Biosys also includes biological catalysts to promote healthy beneficicial bacteria and fungi in the root zone, these include enzymes, proteins, humic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates and extracts of seaweed

The “microbe tea” solution is made simply by dissolving the Biosys concentrated powder in water and applied to the root zone of the plants, almost immediately the health of the roots will be improved. 

Biosys is a versatile product which can be used indoors or outdoors, hydroponically or with soil/coco. 


  • Biosys contain beneficial bacteria, fungi, enzymes and plant growth stimulants and microbial catalysts all in an easy to use powder!
  • Biosys stimulates rooting of cuttings and promotes both vegetative and generative plant development.
  • Maintains a healthy root zone throughout the entire plant cycle.
  • Biosys enriches the rhizosphere with a natural balance of micro-organisms to improve plant growth and allow healthy uptake of water and nutrients.
  • Helps plants recover quickly from periods of stress.
  • Biosys is highly concentrated.
  • The microbial catalysts in Biosys are water soluble.
  • No brewing necessary, an advanced instant alternative to aerated compost tea!
  • Biosys is very easy to apply – straight away!


For optimal results, use Biosys during early propagation.

Includes 10g measuring scoop

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Ensure powder is thoroughly dissolved.

Once dissolved, use solution within 24 hours

Always use with dechlorinated tap water or rain water. (To dechlorinate tap water, aerate with air pump + air stone for 1 hour or leave to stand for 12hours)

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